1. Is an orthopedic mattress for dogs also suitable for older dogs?

Yes, an orthopedic mattress for dogs can be particularly beneficial for older dogs who suffer from issues related to pain, degenerative joint diseases, or musculoskeletal disorders. The orthopedic mattress helps reduce pressure on the joints and spine, which can provide pain relief and improve the quality of the dog's sleep.

The PetForMed bed's filling is entirely made of our patented OxyMesh® structure. Thanks to this, the mattresses:

Provide orthopedic support for your dog's joints.
Do not absorb odors
Do not retain liquids
The mattress filling can be washed under a shower.
Mites and bacteria cannot develop in the mattress.
They ensure optimal air permeability.

2. Does an orthopedic bed facilitate/improve sleep quality?

Definitely, yes! An orthopedic mattress for dogs is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during rest. Its main advantage is joint support. We have already had several cases where clients' dogs were waking up at night due to joint pain, which subsided after purchasing a PetForMed bed.

3. What size bed to choose?

It's worth remembering that the length of the bed should be at least 20 cm longer than the length of the dog,

allowing them to fully stretch out. Below is a list of sizes we offer, along with available color options. Everyone will find something suitable!

S - 51cm x 37cm

M - 76cm x 51cm

L - 89cm x 58cm

XL - 104cm x 68cm

XXL - 120 x 74cm

4. Can an orthopedic mattress for dogs help alleviate my dog's joint pain?

Yes, an orthopedic mattress for dogs can indeed help alleviate your dog's joint pain. These mattresses are designed to evenly distribute the dog's body weight, thereby reducing pressure on their joints and bones. By doing so, they can provide pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for your dog.

5. Can the mattresses be washed?

Thanks to the innovative OxyMesh® technology, this mattress stands out as the only one in the world with a filling that can be conveniently washed under a shower. Simply place the inside of the mattress under the running water and rinse the structure with lukewarm water, at around 30 degrees Celsius. 30*. Experience the instant effect of a clean filling as you witness all impurities effortlessly disappear.

6. Can the cover be washed?

Both the cover and the inside of the mattress are washable! The cover can be easily cleaned by machine washing it at a gentle cycle with a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

7. Is an orthopedic mattress for dogs safe for my dog if it tends to bite and destroy its bed?

During the development of the mattress cover, we conducted rigorous testing on 72 different fabrics to ensure a combination of safety and comfort. Out of these options, only two fabrics successfully met our stringent standards. The selected fabric is exclusively used to craft the covers for Petformed mattresses.

8. What is OxyMesh technology?

OxyMesh® is our patented technology that lies at the core of our beds. It is crafted from hundreds of kilometers of interconnected threads made of highly elastic polymer. This unique structure, composed of 90% air, delivers revolutionary properties that set our beds apart.

OxyMesh® is a 'breathing' elastic structure with orthopedic properties

9. Why do you say the mattress filling does not retain odors?

The Oxymesh structure, thoroughly tested in clinical settings, possesses exceptional qualities. It completely eliminates odor retention, prevents the growth of mold and fungi, and can be fully washed, guaranteeing an odor-free mattress at all times.

10. Why don't mites/fungi/bacteria develop in the mattress?

The Oxymesh® structure is hypoallergenic, as its non-porous surface prevents chemical interactions and moisture absorption. OxyMesh® ensures that the dog bed remains free from parasites, greatly reducing the risk of infections, skin rashes, allergies, and even gastrointestinal problems for your dog.